L > Timeline for Romeo as well as Juliet by William ShakespeareTimeline for Romeo and also JulietThe Worst Week EverActDayTimePlotTime Clues in the TextI: iSundayMorningThe Montagues and also Capulets battle in the roads as well as are separated by Royal prince Escalus. Romeo is craving Rosaline that has actually declined him.Line 167: Benvolio states that it is 9:00 am ("brand-new struck 9"). I: iiSundayAfternoonLord Capulet and also Paris speak about setting up a marital relationship to Juliet. Romeo as well as Benvolio find out that Rosaline has actually been welcomed to a celebration at the Capulet residence. Benvolio recommends collapsing the celebration to ensure that Romeo can see that the various other females are a lot more gorgeous than Rosaline is.Line 20: Lord Capulet states that there will certainly be a celebration tonight ("This evening I hold an old accustomed banquet"). Line 57: Romeo welcomes the slave with words, "Godden", that was utilized to state "Great mid-day". I: iiiSundayEveningLady Capulet informs Juliet that Paris wishes to wed her.Line 15: Girl Capulet states that it is "a fortnight and also strange days" till Lammastide (August 1, which will certainly be Juliet"s 14th birthday celebration), so this Sunday is at some point in between July 18th as well as Fourth. Line 100: the slave states "the visitors are come, dinner dished out". I: ivSundayEveningRomeo and also close friends get here outside the Capulet house.There are numerous recommendations to lugging lights or lanterns, so darkness has fallen.I: vSundayEvening & late eveningRomeo as well as Juliet fulfill at the event as well as loss in love. Tybalt is upset that Romeo came.Several hrs pass throughout this scene although it takes just a few mins to execute. It starts with the slaves establishing as well as the visitors getting here. It finishes with the visitors leaving.II: iSundayLate eveningRomeo seeks Juliet. Benvolio as well as Mercutio seek Romeo.II: iiSundayLate eveningThe renowned terrace scene: Romeo as well as Juliet choose that they will certainly obtain wed the following morning.Line 169: Romeo informs Juliet to send out for him tomorrow at 9:00 ("At the hr of 9"). II: iiiMondayEarly morningRomeo mosts likely to Friar Laurence to set up the wedding.Line 1: Friar Laurence claims, "The gray-eyed morn grins". Line 32: "What early tongue". Line 39: "thy earliness doth guarantee me". II: ivMondayNoonBenvolio and also Mercutio are still trying to find Romeo since Tybalt is preparing to test Romeo to a battle. Romeo locates them. The Registered nurse gets here. Benvolio as well as Mercutio leave. The Registered nurse advises Romeo that he far better not be dabbling Juliet since Paris truly wishes to wed her.Line 118: Mercutio states, "the dial is currently upon the prick of midday". The Registered nurse appears to have actually squandered 3 hrs prior to discovering Romeo. Lines 191-194: Romeo states that Juliet ought to involve Friar Laurence "this mid-day". Lines 200-203: Romeo claims that "within this hr" a slave will certainly provide a rope ladder to make sure that he can get involved in Juliet"s area when evening falls.II: vMondayAfternoonJuliet is distressed that the Registered nurse is taking as long. The Registered nurse provides Romeo"s message.Line 1: "The clock struck 9 when I did send out the registered nurse. In half a hr she guaranteed to return." Line 10: "Of this day"s trip, as well as from 9 till twelve is 3 lengthy hrs."II: viMondayAfternoonRomeo and also Juliet satisfy at Friar Laurence"s cell and also obtain married.Shakespeare doesn"t really reveal the wedding on phase, yet lots of manufacturings do.III: iMondayAfternoonBenvolio and also Mercutio experience Tybalt. Romeo gets here, and also Tybalt tests him. Romeo declines, so Mercutio battles Tybalt. Tybalt eliminates Mercutio, so Romeo eliminates Tybalt. The Royal prince orders that Romeo be banished.Line 4: Benvolio describes the moment of year when he claims that "these warm days" are mixing "the crazy blood". (It"s unclear why Romeo didn"t simply stick with Juliet after the wedding celebration.)III: iiMondayLate afternoonJuliet wishes for evening to drop to ensure that Romeo will certainly have the ability to come. The Registered nurse informs her concerning Tybalt"s fatality and also Romeo"s banishment.Line 99: Juliet states that it has actually been 3 hrs given that the wedding celebration ("thy three-hours partner"). There is much poetic images concerning the sunlight and also night.III: iiiMondayEarly eveningFriar Laurence informs Romeo that he has actually been eradicated. The Registered nurse pertains to bring Romeo to Juliet.Line 66: Romeo states that it has actually been one hr considering that the wedding celebration ("A hr yet wed"), yet he"s possibly being metaphorical not actual. Line 148: It is not yet dark. Friar Laurence informs Romeo to visit Juliet currently yet to leave for Mantua prior to the evening security guard (authorities) take place responsibility ("remain not till the watch be established"). Line 167: He recommends and also duplicates this caution that, if Romeo misses out on the due date, he must wait up until the watch goes off task at sunrise. Line 164: The Registered nurse states, "it expands really late." Friar Laurence claims, "great evening" two times (166 as well as 173). III: ivMondayLate eveningLord Capulet determines that Juliet will wed Paris on Thursday.Line 18: Paris states that today is Monday. Lines 5-7: ""Tis extremely late ... I would certainly have been abed a hr back." Line 34: "it is so really late." Line 17: Lord Capulet recommends that the wedding event must get on Wednesday, yet, in lines 19-21, he alters his mind: "Wednesday is prematurely. O" Thursday allow it be. O" Thursday, inform her, she will be wed to this worthy Earl."III: vTuesdayEarly morningRomeo leaves for Mantua after investing the evening with Juliet. Juliet is informed that she has to wed Paris on Thursday early morning - or else.Lines 1-35: Romeo as well as Juliet happily say whether it is really early morning or still evening. Line 13: Girl Capulet claims, "Wed, my kid, very early following Thursday morn." Lines 154-155: Lord Capulet claims, "Thursday next off, to select Paris to Saint Peter"s Church." Line 162: "Obtain thee to church o" Thursday." Line 192: "Thursday is near."IV: iTuesdayLate early morning or afternoonParis speak to Friar Laurence concerning the upcoming wedding event. Juliet mosts likely to Friar Laurence, as well as he recommends a strategy that she take a medicine that will certainly make her appearance dead to make sure that she can creep away with Romeo. Friar Laurence sends out Friar John to Mantua with a message for Romeo.The time of day is vague, however it is not yet night due to the fact that Juliet states that she can return "at night mass" for her "admission" if Friar Laurence is active with Paris currently (lines 37-38). Line 1: Reacting To what Paris has simply informed him, Friar Laurence states, "On Thursday, sir? The moment is really brief." Line 20: Paris claims, "... on Thursday following." Line 42: Paris claims, "Juliet, on Thursday early will I stir ye." Lines 48-49: Friar Laurence states, "I hear thou have to ... on Thursday next be wed." Line 90: Friar Laurence claims that "Wednesday is tomorrow" which Juliet ought to take the medicine "tomorrow evening". Line 105: Friar Laurence claims that the medicine will certainly make her rest for "2 and also forty hrs" (practically 2 days). Shakespeare most likely included this added time to ensure that Romeo would certainly have a credible quantity of time to obtain the message and also return from Mantua. Many manufacturings make it appear shorter.IV: iiTuesdayEarly eveningLord Capulet is setting up a large wedding event party. Juliet returns from seeing Friar Laurence and also makes believe to be cooperating.Line 39: Girl Capulet claims, ""Tis currently near evening." There is a little bit of complication concerning the day in this scene. Both Lord Capulet and also Juliet claim that the wedding event is tomorrow (Wednesday). Woman Capulet fixes them and also claims that it gets on Thursday, yet Lord Capulet remains to claim "tomorrow" (lines 24, 35, 36, 37, 46). This could be meant to be a little funny concerning Lord Capulet constantly obtaining the day incorrect in his thrill to prepare the wedding event, yet Juliet makes the error as well (line 35). Some individuals describe the inconsistency by recommending that Lord Capulet has actually instantly made a decision to relocate the wedding celebration up a day to make sure that Juliet won"t have time to transform her mind once again. Hence Girl Capulet is suggesting with him concerning the choice, not remedying him. Allow"s think it"s that (or else, you can press the adhering to scenes back a day). IV: iiiTuesdayEveningJuliet consumes alcohol the drug.Juliet two times points out that the wedding celebration is tomorrow (lines 8 and also 22). Juliet is taking the medicine a day early which indicates that the details in Friar Laurence"s letter to Romeo is currently incorrect. Uh oh!IV: ivTuesday via WednesdayVery late night via very early morningLord Capulet oversees the wedding celebration prep work throughout the evening. Paris gets here extremely early in the early morning, which was the customized at the time.Line 4: "The time limit bell have actually called, "tis 3 o"clock" (in the early morning). IV: vWednesdayMorningThe Capulets and also the others uncover Juliet"s "dead" body.Juliet is currently arranged get up on Thursday evening rather than Friday night.V: iThursdayAfternoonIn Mantua, Romeo picks up from Balthasar that Juliet is dead. Romeo acquires poisonous substance from the Apothecary.No time of day is stated, yet the scene starts with Romeo mentioning a desire that he had, so it may still be early morning. Sufficient time has actually passed because the last scene for Balthasar to have actually shown up from Verona after having actually gone to Juliet"s burial place. The range in between the cities is 25 miles (40 kilometres). A steed can conveniently take a trip at 6 miles per hr, although racehorses can get to 30 miles per hour for brief ranges. So the journey may take less than 5 hrs. Line 26: Romeo informs Balthasar that "I will certainly thus this evening." Line 34: Romeo claims, "Juliet, I will certainly exist with thee this evening", which additionally suggests that the journey should take much less than a day. He most likely prepares to leave early at night and also anticipates to show up really late at night.V: iiThursdayEveningFriar Laurence finds out that Friar John was not able to provide the message to Romeo. Friar Laurence creates one more letter to Romeo as well as leaves for the crypt to fulfill Juliet when she wakes.Friar Laurence most likely determined what occurred when he listened to the information of Juliet"s "fatality" a day early. Line 25: Friar Laurence states, "Within this 3 hrs will certainly reasonable Juliet wake." If Juliet took the medication late Tuesday evening, as well as it lasts for forty-two hrs, it needs to currently be very early Thursday evening.V: iiiThursday with FridayLate night with very early morningParis as well as a servant reach Juliet"s burial place. Romeo as well as Balthasar get here. Romeo provides Balthasar a letter (his self-destruction note) as well as sends him away. Paris challenges Romeo, and also Romeo eliminates him. The slave mosts likely to mobilize the security guard. Romeo eliminates himself. Friar Laurence satisfies as well as gets here Balthasar. Friar Laurence locates the bodies. Juliet gets up, and also Friar Laurence attempts to obtain her to leave. She declines, as well as he takes off when he listens to the security guard coming. Juliet eliminates herself. The security guards get here, discover the bodies, as well as send out for the Royal prince, the Capulets, as well as the Montagues. Balthasar and also Friar Laurence are collared. The Royal prince, Capulets, Montagues, and also others show up. Information of these occasions is spreading out with the roads. We find out that Woman Montague passed away of sorrow previously this night due to Romeo"s banishment. Friar Laurence, Balthasar, and also the servant clarify what occurred. The Royal prince reprimands Lord Capulet and also Lord Montague, that lastly finish their feud.As in Act I, scene v, numerous hrs happen throughout this scene (evening with dawn). A lot of manufacturings will certainly remove a number of these occasions. There are several recommendations to evening and also lanterns. Lines 14-17: Paris claims two times that he will certainly see Juliet"s burial place "nighttime". Line 130: Balthasar informs Friar Laurence that Romeo has actually been inside the burial place for "Complete half a hr." Line 176: the Security guard claims that Juliet has actually been existing right here for "2 days". If it is currently really early on Friday early morning, this would certainly be real. Line 189: Royal prince Escalus claims, "What ill fortune is so early up that calls our individual from our very early remainder?", additionally indicating that it is currently early morning. Lines 305-306: the Royal prince states, "A glooming tranquility today with it brings. The sunlight for sadness will certainly disappoint his head."MLA Citation: Delaney, Robert. "Timeline for Romeo and also Juliet." Robert"s Web page. Yahoo Small Company WebHosting, 8 Oct. 2012.

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