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How loud is cap gun?
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December 20, 2018, 07:26 PM

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Hello everybody,I have question that I"m really embarrassed to ask since this is forum for real firearms.I didn"t know who or where to ask this question,so I"ll ask here.I live in Croatia and we can"t get license for firearms unless we have very,VERY good reason,like if you"re security guard or something like that for instance.Since I don"t work like security guard or police officer,I must satisfy myself with blank guns or airsoft.I already have Ekol Firat Magnum (92FS blank replica),but I found by accident video in which guy have 92FS that have shell ejecting function and small smoke from gun.That is what you guys call ""cap gun"",right?I got my blank gun that is loud as real gun (maybe a bit quieter),and it uses 9mm PAK rounds.I"m thinking about buying this cap gun replica,but I can"t see anywhere how loud it is?So,my question is:is 9mm cap gun much more quieter then my 9mm PAK blank gun and can it be used indoors?Once again,I apologize for opening thread on real firearms forum,I didn"t know where else to ask.EDIT:This cap gun isn"t 10$ toy,it a bit more realistic and it costs around 230$.Also,here is a video that show shooting:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vY-9K4qRYi0It shows shooting at 1:49,so if you have time and will,please check it.Kind regards,Petar