* The % Day-to-day Worth (DV) informs you just how much a nutrient in an offering of food adds to a day-to-day diet plan. 2,000 calories a day is utilized for basic nourishment guidance.

Images There are 210 calories in 1offering(78 g)of Metro 6"Wheat Bread.Calorie failure: 9% fat, 76% carbohydrates, 15 %protein.Related Wheat Bread from Train:6"9-Grain Wheat Bread Relevant Sandwiches from Metro:6" Pit Smoked Brisket 6"FallCarved Turkey Garlic Steak & Provolone Ciabatta6" Italian Hero Little TurkeySlider 6"Spicy Italian Meats locate much moretrain sandwiches items Associated Bread from Train:6" 9-Grain Honey Oat Bread 6"Italian White Bread 6" Italian Herbs& Cheese Bread 6"Honey Oat Bread 6"Sourdough Bread 12"Monterey Cheddar Bread locate extra metro bread items Various Other Kinds Of Wheat Bread: Whole Wheat Bread100 %Entire Wheat BreadGrown Wheat Bread Wheat Bread(Minimized Calorie)Split Wheat Bread Toasted Whole Wheat Breadsee a lot more wheat bread dietary information Various Other Sorts of Sandwiches:
Peanut Butter and also Jelly Sandwich Porkas well as Cheese Sandwich Roast
Beef Sandwich Cheese Sandwich Poultry Sandwich with Spread Turkey Sandwich with Spread check out much more sandwiches dietary
details</td></tr><tr><td>* Various Other Lately Popular Foods:
La Brea Bakeshop Ancient
Grain Baguette Coolgreens Pesto
Poultry Sandwich The Melt Patty Melt
Personal Option Potato Wide Frying Pan Bread Arnold Keto Bread Jimmy Dean Biscuit Sausage Treat Dimension Sandwiches Tim Hortons Crispy Poultry Sandwich Entire Foods Market Craftsmen Ciabatta Bread Investor Joe ' s Pumpkin Brioche Spin Fresh Thyme Marble Rye