The Hebrew alphabet sustains a restricted personality collection of 27 signs. 5 letters have a last kind that obtains utilized when the personality shows up at the end of a word (“& ldquo; sofit & rdquo


;-RRB-. All the letters are uppercase-- THERE ARE NO LOWERCASE LETTERS IN HEBREW!The sign collection is

made up of consonants: the vowels are not generally created(other than in the Scriptures, verse as well as publications for youngsters as well as international students ). THR R N LWRCS LTTRS N HBRW!Hebrew is created from right to left, much like Arabic. (Let & rsquo; s encounter

it: Hebrew is not the most convenient language to check out ... )! WRBH N SRTTL SCRWL N R RHT Nonetheless, Hebrew does not have any kind of different characters. The basic Western characters (1, 2, 3 etc. )are utilized rather. In addition, these(Latin)numbers are composed from entrusted to best, therefore are ingrained expressions in Latin manuscript. To put it simply : when numbers and also Latin words are put in Hebrew messages, both the analysis instructions as well as the alphabet adjustment in mid training course! Which & rsquo; s not the


only difficulty when you create an optical character recognition engine for Hebrew.

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Below & rsquo; s an additional certain component you wear & rsquo; t discover in the various other (Latin, Greek, Arabic as well as cyrillic )alphabets: Hebrew message is not created on lines. Instead the message hangs from a line over the letters!(In technological terms: the & ldquo; base line & rdquo; is over the “personalities, not under it!)* Back to cover Send responses

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