You can"t simply toss $175,000 up without description. Means to lowfor a leading ranked program, in its 8th period with the leading star in theshow. Below is a duplicate from an article in a smallville online forum frombrianne1017 ...

(as well as this remained in 2008)

Today"s television Overview publication has a checklist of "That Makes What" asseries. Tom Welling is the only CW star detailed on there andapparently he makes $150,000 per episode.Here "s a couple of

various other stars for comparision:

Charlie Shine was initially on the checklist with $825,000 per episode(that includes incomes from his possession risk in 2 and also a HalfMen).

Kiefer Sutherland makes $500,000 per episode of 24.

Kyra Sedgwick makes $275,000 per episode of The Closer.Patrick Dempsey

makes$250,000 per episode of Grey" s Jennifer Love Hewitt makes$225,000 per episode of The GhostWhisperer.Steve Carell makes$ 200,000 per episode of The Office.I"m presuming(

as well as I could be incorrect)that because Tom was the onlyCW celebrity discussed

, that no person else also comes close? Wiki Customer ∙ 9y ago This solution is: